Saturday, March 15, 2008

Srixon AD333 Golf Ball How Good is it?

SRIXON AD333 Golf Balls

We have been rather impressed with the performance of the Srixon AD333 golf ball.
Designed for players who generate a club head speed in excess of 80m.p.h. (i.e. most of us!) we've found that the Srixon has a lovely soft feel from the club face and flies long, straight and true.
The designers have incorporated a new 333 dimple design for the ball (hence the name) which improves its aerodynamics and produces a strong piercing ball flight with excellent carry and roll.
Closer to the green the Srixon AD333 is soft enough to enable pinpoint control when you're going for the flags. We compared the AD333 with two Titleist golf balls, the NXT and NXT Tour, its closest competitors, and found that it didn't let itself down.
Performance was remarkably similar so considering that the Srixon AD333 costs considerably less than the Titleists these golf balls offer very good value for money.
The Srixon AD333 is a two piece ball with a new and improved enhanced ionomer cover which surrounds a highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core. This core is soft in the middle becoming progressively harder towards the outside giving tremendous initial velocity and reduced spin for longer distance, yet the core and cover are pliable enough to produce soft, controllable approach shots.
The AD333 is a ball that flies high and straight, has a soft, friendly feel, and is easy to control on and around the greens.


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