Monday, July 7, 2008

Yes Putters

Yes Golf have produced one of the most exciting moves forward in putter design for years with their C-Groove. The C-Groove on the face allows the putter to gently lift the ball out of its resting position and impart top spin so that the ball rolls as quickly as possible. Yes Putters solves the problem better than any other Golf putter on the market today, as your conventional putter will loft the ball into the air at impact ,making it skip, spin and skid making it much harder to keep the ball on line and to judge distance.

The C-Groove has been approved by the R&A and the USA Golf Associations.

So if you are wondering why you are not having less putts, or finding it hard to judge the distance of your putts then Yes Putters will be the answer. To see the full range of Yes Putters visit our Yes Golf Online Golf Equipment Shop and lower your scores today.

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